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Car Parking

1. Liability of the company. a. Entry to the car park is at the Guest’s risk and neither the Company nor any person acting on its behalf is in any way responsible for any injury, loss or damage sustained by themselves, their vehicle or their vehicle’s contents. This does not exclude liability caused by the Company’s negligence or other breach of duty. b. If you suspect your vehicle has been damaged in any way whilst in the car park, or if you suspect you have suffered a loss of either the vehicle or any personal possessions from within it whilst it is in the car park, you must: i. Inform the reception desk immediately. ii. Report any suspected losses to the police. iii. Notify your insurance company as soon as possible. c. Any suspected damages or losses must be reported to the reception before the vehicle is removed from the car park.

2. Entry a. Entry is controlled via the use of ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras and is reserved for residents of the hotel or any other vehicle that has been authorised in advance of its arrival. b. Non-residents of the hotel are not permitted to use the online booking system for the car park under any circumstances. c. Guests are responsible for ensuring their vehicle registration number has been correctly passed to the reception prior to arrival at the car park. d. If a Guest wishes to change the vehicle they have booked a space for, they must confirm this with the reception prior to arrival. e. The Company will not accept any liability for any charges incurred for incorrect street parking by guests under any circumstances.

3. Responsibilities of car park users a. Guests using the car park must adhere to the Highway Code and must obey all signage. b. Guests must obey any instructions from colleagues regarding their use of the car park. c. Any accidental damage cause by Guests must be reported to the reception immediately. i. This includes damage to vehicles and property of the Company or Guests. ii. Any injuries obtained within the car park must be reported to reception immediately. d. Guests will be assigned a parking space on arrival and must use this space. e. Parking incorrectly may result in a fine being issued and exit from the car park denied until paid. This includes, but is not limited to: i. Parking in an electric vehicle bay with neither prior booking nor permission from the management. ii. Parking in an accessible parking space without a blue badge. iii. Failing to park your vehicle completely within the lines denoting the space. iv. Leaving your vehicle in a way that impedes other guests’ ability to use the car park. v. Parking in a dangerous manner or in a way which restricts access.

4. Entry and Exit a. Entry to the car park will be granted at 3pm on the day of arrival unless agreed with reception prior to arrival. b. All guests must remove their vehicles from the car park by 12pm on the day of departure unless they have received permission from reception.

5. Prohibited activities. a. Guests are not permitted to tow any vehicles into the car park or bring trailers into the car park without prior permission from reception. b. No work on or cleaning of vehicles is permitted without permission from reception. c. No activity related to selling, rental, or other disposal of vehicles is permitted within the car park. d. Guests are not permitted to sell goods from their vehicles.

6. Rights of the Company regarding vehicles. a. The Company reserves the right to refuse entry of any vehicle to its car park, regardless of whether a booking has been confirmed or not. b. The Company reserves the right to refuse exit of any vehicle on its property if it is believed unpaid charges are owed. c. The Company reserves the right to forcefully move any vehicles parked in any way which interferes with the normal operation of the car park. d. The Company reserves the right to forcefully remove any vehicle from the premises if requests to comply with the terms and conditions are not met using a third-party contractor. The Company will not be held liable for any issues arising from this action and reserves the right to reclaim any costs incurred. e. The Company reserves the right to forcefully enter a vehicle where children or animals have been left inside if it deems them to be at risk.

7. Abandoned Vehicles a. The Company reserves the right to forcefully remove any vehicle that is found in the car park beyond the scope of the booking period agrees. i. In such instances, the company will treat the vehicle as abandoned when they are unable to contact the owner.

8. Further guidance and recommendations. a. Please ensure that your vehicle is left in a secure condition. i. Ensure all windows and doors, including the boot, are closed and locked. ii. Ensure that any security devices (including alarms) are activated. iii. Take all valuable possessions with you when leaving the vehicle. iv. Do not leave items that may appeal to thieves where they are visible. b. When driving in the car park. i. Drive slowly and carefully. ii. Abide by the usual rules of the road regarding right of way for other road users. iii. Keep a watchful eye out for pedestrians, cyclists and animals.

9. Complaints a. Any complaints regarding the use of the car park are to be reported to the reception desk before leaving the premises.

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